About Us


MVA Sports Management – a company in the field of football management. The company was founded in 2012.

Our team has a deep understanding of football – as a super game, entertainment, business and social factor. We have accumulated rich experience in solving a variety of problems faced by players, coaches and clubs. Within a few years acquired extensive partner network in Europe, Asia, and South America. Every day we are trying to follow all the changes of the football world. Our reputation, experience and creativity suggests that all services – consulting players, coaches and clubs, career management, the implementation of image rights, assistance in dealing with legal matters, marketing and advertising management – are available on the first class and professional standards. The basic principle of our work is the priority of quality over quantity. Cooperation with the players and coaches do not end on the day the contract is signed, everyone can count on the help of the company on a daily basis. We not only represent the interests of the players and coaches at the conclusion of contracts but also help them in dealing with a wide range of personal issues. We are trying to find the best solutions based not on short-term gain but long-term prospects of the players, coaches and clubs. We are sure that our customers and partners, once agreed to cooperate will stay with us for a long time.

Our mission – appropriate assistance for football player/coach in professional career. Appropriate assistance in the development of the football club.

Our vision – the leading company in football management in Europe.